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Euphonica DJ Orchestra

What do you get when you cross Sting, Escala, and Take That? No, not the new line-up for the Voice, it’s the kind of talent our prestigious DJ Orchestra are used to performing with. The electric string quartet and award winning DJ are in a league of their own, from their unique musical pedigree and worldwide touring experience to the cool, upbeat dance tinged reworks of everything from All Saints to Daft Punk to Calvin Harris they delight audiences with. We even make sure they have Fiji water in their dressing room.

DJ Orchestra featured at events for Shoreditch House, Somerset House, Tate Modern, Babington House and Copper Blossom, Edinburgh, as part of launch events for Peroni, M&C Saatchi and the UVL group. They also performed at the Victoria and Albert museum around the ‘Opera: Passion Power and Politics’ exhibition.

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