Game Of Thrones Premiere Parties

With Game Of Thrones on everyone’s lips, we take a look back at our role as official entertainment supplier to the premiere parties for Sky UK.

Over the years, the lavish season launch events have followed a tradition. Episode 1 is delivered to the chosen venue under lock and key, for a star studded viewing. Season 3 Premiere was held at the majestic One Marylebone, the episode delivered in a silver case, hand cuffed to a security officer’s wrist.

After the viewing, there is a party to end all parties. Simple. It is to these parties that we have been drafted in to provide entertainment.

Season 5 Premiere was another highlight. It took place at Tower of London, described by writers in their welcome speech as the “’Thrones’-iest location we could imagine.”

Our DJ played to an all star reception, which went into the early hours. We got to sit on the Iron Throne. Not a replica. THE Iron Throne. Cast members mingled with competition winners and superfans, all soundtracked by our DJ Live act Drum and Beats. One lead actor, who shall remind nameless, was particularly fond of UK Garage. Seeing senior members of Families Baratheon and Targaryen brukking out to So Solid Crew is an image we won’t forget in a hurry.


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