Like so many of you, we were blown away by the love shown for the NHS and other care workers on 26th March 2020 during #ClapForOurCarers. It was an emotional moment when millions of people came together on doorsteps, balconies and windows to raise a thunder of gratitude for those working on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus.

It got us thinking about how we could keep that feeling alive and lift the spirits of our amazing frontline workers in the tough times to come. Music is a tonic in troubling times, and at Euphonica we have some incredible musicians raring to perform. So we launched  #FrontlineRequests.

We started taking requests either from or for frontline workers, NHS staff, pharmacists, supermarket staff, which our amazing artists will perform and post on our grid.

We are only just beginning! To make a request, fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page, email us on or comment on the social posts on Instagram or Facebook (both @EuphonicaLive) with your song choice and who it’s for.

If you are a band or musician who wants to get involved, email us at

R E Q U E S T   O N E

To kick us off, Jack Green performed Wild World by Cat Stevens, which was requested by Lorren, a teacher in South London looking after vulnerable children of frontline workers.

R E Q U E S T   T W O

After an amazing response to our first video, we hooked up with Blood Cancer UK and vlogger/blogger Georgie Swallow who requested our second song.

Sam performed ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie, using his loop station.

R E Q U E S T   T H R E E

This request comes from Chris in Haringey, who requested ‘Can We Pretend’ by the late great Bill Withers, dedicated to the Haringey Sainsburys team. The request is performed by our very own London Shakes singer, Denver, with Kit on guitar.

We think they absolutely nailed it.

R E Q U E S T   F O U R

This Frontline Request comes from 8 year old Daisy, who requested the appropriately titled ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ by The Police, with a little help from her mum. This request is the first quartet performance, from our very own Balladettes. The band synchronised their efforts from their own homes.

We hope you like the result.


Team Euphonica


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