How To Pick The Perfect First Dance

Choosing a first dance can be a tricky experience for some couples, with different tastes in music or worries about having two left feet and wanting to avoid anything that will make you tear your new dress/scuff those polished shoes. For others it’s a really simple effort: “let’s use our song!”; but for those of you don’t know where to start, here at Euphonica we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you out.

Where to Start?

Firstly, plan your first song together. The wedding is about both of you, so you both need to be happy about the decision.

If you’ve read this far than you must not have an ‘our song’ and that’s fine. Start with any crossovers in your music tastes. If you do find some styles/bands that you both like, each make a list of options and compare to see if there’s any you both agree on.

If you have no crossover in tastes have a think of any songs that have any meaning for the both of you. Think of songs that may have been playing when you first met or reminds you of a special event; your first holiday, your first kiss, the song that was playing the moment you got engaged.

Does your wedding have a theme? It might be more suitable for your first dance song to match the theme of your wedding. Even better, are there any songs you can think of that match your theme but also mean something to you both or remind you of a special occasion?

Is the song practical?

Once you’ve drawn up a list of potential songs that you both agree on, think about the practicalities of the songs:

Can you dance to it? Whilst you both may be great fans of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name of’, it doesn’t mean it’s a great track to have your first dance to, unless of course your theme is to head-bang!

Can your band play it? If you’ve booked a rock band for evening entertainment but wanted your first dance to be a Hot 8 Brass Band version of ‘Sexual Healing’, then your band will obviously be unable to perform the song live. The band may also be unwilling to learn certain songs because of the instrumentation or the time/rehearsal cost to learn it, or the band may charge too much to learn a new song for you. This doesn’t mean you can’t have your song, but it may mean choosing to have it performed through and iPod or a Spotify account, or via the DJ if you have booked both.

If you leave it to the DJ will they have access to the track you want? You may have to send the DJ the correct version of the track for him/her to be able to play it for you.

To Sum Up

1. Involve your partner – it’s a joint decision so you both need to be happy.

2. Your first dance doesn’t have to be ‘your song’, and it’s fine not to have one at all.

3. Songs can be something that reminds you of a special occasion, can match the theme of the wedding, or simply be something you both enjoy.

4. Make sure it’s practical! If you would like the band to play it live, make sure they’re willing and able, and if not make sure you’re able to perform it off an iPod/Spotify account or via the DJ and that the DJ has the correct version.

Now you’ve chosen your first dance, it’s time to plan the rest of your wedding. Whilst music is on your mind, why don’t you have a look at our ‘tips on how to book a wedding band’? Or have a browse of our artists to see if they can perform your first song the perfect way.