5 Tips When Booking Your Wedding/Reception Venue

Booking a wedding/reception venue can be a tricky part of your wedding planning. From finding a place that will wow your guests but is also practical enough for your needs is a delicate balancing act.

So how can you balance it well? We’ve listed 5 tips to guide you.

1. The Location Matters

To make sure you get the right location, you need to think about the following:  

– Is it easy to get to for your guests?

– Is there parking available, or suitable public transport options?

– Does it have easy access and parking for suppliers such as your caterers and entertainment?

The easier it is to get to via car or public transport, and the easier it is to park at the venue, the more likely it is your guests will be able to come. You may also find it easier to get the suppliers you would like, including at a lower price especially if suppliers would have to get a taxi due to no parking facilities.

2. Make Sure There’s Enough Space

When deciding how much space you need, you need to outline two things: how many guests you wish to have at your reception, and what space will be needed by entertainment, catering and any technical requirements.

Most venues will outline how many guests they can accommodate, but to get the best idea you should go and view the venues in person. You can also ask venues for photos of previous weddings if they have them available to see how the venue looks when accommodating full capacity.

3. Do you have a wedding theme, and does your choice match?

While it shouldn’t be the defining factor when choosing your venue, the decor and the quality of the venue matching your theme adds that extra wow factor to your reception.

4. Facilities and Equipment

You need to find out whether the venue has all the equipment you’ll need or would be able to source this for you as a part of their service. Items such as tables, chairs, plates, dishes, cutlery to sound and video equipment. These may be available through your caterers or entertainers, but just in case those suppliers aren’t able to supply these it is worth checking with the venue.

5. Unusual venues can add character

Some traditional wedding venues are expensive because they’re popular, and whilst this may be what you dreamed of having for your reception, looking at other unusual venues can really add character to your wedding.

Venues such as warehouses, historic buildings, canal barges, historic venues and many more can really add that spark of interest to your guests.

What next?

So now you’ve found your perfect venue, what about your entertainment? No matter what venue you’ve decided on, we have the perfect act to compliment it. Have a look at a look at our artists page, get in touch via the contact page, or give us a ring on: +44 (0)20 3397 9018 to discuss your options.