5 Things That Affect The Cost Of Your Wedding Band

There’s a lot to consider when hiring a wedding band. That said, it’s the fun part! I mean, food’s all well and good, but it’s not going to make people jump around with someone else’s tie around their head, singing Jackson 5 songs out of key. To help smooth the process, and get the best deal, Team Euphonica have put together 5 key factors that will affect the cost of your band (and how to reduce it):

1. The Line-up

As Mos Def once said, “It’s simple mathematics”. The more musicians you hire, the more the band will cost. The good news is, you can reduce the line-up without reducing the quality. There are some great three and four-piece wedding bands out there that can make your reception sound amazing.

2. Travel

Not all bands are as happy to travel as the Proclaimers. The distance will influence their fee. Fuel ain’t cheap, and longer travel adds to expenses, not to mention potential over-night costs and vehicle hire. Some bands charge for travel days. A quick fix is to source local produce. You don’t need to fly your steel bandfrom Jamaica, or your Oom-pah bandfrom Germany. There are top drawer acts locally, you just have to look around. Or let us do it for you.

3. Date/time of year

Saturdays are the most expensive day to hire a wedding band. Fridays and Sundays are a close joint second. Seasons make less difference than you might think. May to September is the most popular, though there are nearly as many winter wedders as there are mid-summer marriers (if that’s a word). More and more people are getting married on weekdays, despite the protestations of in-laws low on annual leave. Bands are likely to offer discounts to fill week days. Anything to avoid another Jeremy Kyle-a-thon.

4. Extras

Additional sets

The industry standard performance length is 2 x 45 minute sets with a short break in between. Most after dinner bands begin around 9pm and expect to finish by midnight. They should understand that weddings often run behind schedule, and that timings are fluid. However, additional costs might be incurred if you want the band to be around much after midnight. Call it the Cinderella effect.

Song requests/first dance

If you require a certain selection of songs, or a specific song for your first dance the band may be able to learn these for you, however they may charge you a per-song fee to cover their time and rehearsal costs. To save money on the first dance, you could plan to play your favourite version through an iPod, or if you have a DJ booked, they can play it for you.

DJ service

If you are able to have music after the band has finished, a band member may be able to supply a DJ service using their PA and may also let you use the PA for speeches. This will usually incur an extra fee but would usually be cheaper than hiring your own PA or an extra DJ.

Early set-up

Bands usually take an hour to set up before the big evening and can usually do this quietly in the background. Within reason, they can set up before guests arrive, though if it is a super early set up, they may charge an extra fee.

5. Popularity

Some bands are just really popular. Maybe they’ve cut a niche (our beatbox / loop violinist Jaxx is still the only one we know), have exceptional musicianship and that wow-factor, or have built up a CV playing with the biggest names in the business (we’re talking to you, The Euphonics). Either way, these bands will charge more because they can. Unfortunately there aren’t many tricks to cutting their costs.  Let’s face it though, if you’ve really fallen in love with an act, it’ll be worth every penny.

We put this article together based on experience gathered over two decades of working at all manner of weddings and private parties. From intimate nuptials at private houses, to grandiose affairs at world famous venues, we have seen them all. If you’re still looking for wedding band have a look at our artists page, or if you would like some advice get in touch via the contact page, or give us a ring on: +44 (0)20 3397 9018.