Swingers London

You may find it hard to believe but Swingers is London’s first crazy golf cocktail bar. They needed a musical identity that added to its unique atmosphere, but had enough flexibility to keep things interesting 7 days a week.

Having checked out the space, we recommended leaning towards the sophistication of the cocktail bar, and leaving the novelty to the crazy golf. This way, the music would never get old and by staying away from bubblegum pop and spinning out funk, disco and soul instead, we created the right identity for a bit of fun at lunchtime, drinks after work and nights out too.

This provided a roadmap to a full music calendar, with programmatic playlists for every day of the week, and the best DJs in our chosen genres playing in the evenings, flexing tempo and style and giving the venue its strong musical shape.

“We are thrilled to be working with Euphonica on all things audible. It’s good to know that the DJs, playlists and online music content at Swingers will be always be impeccably curated.”

– Matt Grech Smith, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Swingers LDN