The Travelling Hands

It’s time to introduce some of the best-dressed chaps to grace our roster; The Travelling Hands.

Dressed by award-winning designer Marc Darcy and recommended by the Fred Sirieix of First Dates fame, The Travelling Hands are an international roaming acoustic band. Entertaining at prestigious events, celebrations & private soirées across the globe each year, they bring immersive & charismatic renditions of classic tracks & modern hits directly to guests as they move with their instruments throughout the venue spaces that they perform within.

Whether singing ‘Eye of The Tiger’ personally to Tyson Fury in Claridge’s, warming up crowds for Lionel Richie, or entertaining clients including Facebook, Google, Adobe, Royal Ascot, Formula 1, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, British Airways, Cancer Research, Sony, Virgin, Hublot or Barclays, this quintessentially British band have become the roaming band of choice for a growing number of events professionals & private clients worldwide.

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