LÖÖMA Soundsystem

DJ Live

Long time collaborators of Basement Jaxx, Flume and Touch Sensitive, LÖÖMA Soundsystem are a DJ live project with a collective 25 years performance history spanning every corner of the globe.
They are live remixers, they are vocalists, they are guitarists and they are rappers. Take this and add a DJ, saxophone and various other instrumentalists and you have LÖÖMA: Hit songs remixed to super sleek and vibey house beats. Poolside chill to dance floor classics, let LÖÖMA take you somewhere else.
As well as the headline act, LÖÖMA can perform an Unplugged warm up set. Check out their headline performance at EventFest 2019, at the video link below.

“LÖÖMA Soundsystem are awesome! They played for us at Illuminate @ Science Museum. The first set transported us to an Ibiza pool party, and the second got the dancefloor jumping from the off. Highly recommended.”

 – Phoebe Cherry, Director of Events, SmartLive

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