DJ Rama

Professionally known as ‘Rama’ – Ramiro Gabelli is a DJ, Music Producer, Selector and Radio Presenter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently relocated in London, Rama is looking for new and exciting opportunities within the entertainment industry.

He began his music career playing and DJing in the mecca of Buenos Aires Hip-Hop scene, at the beginning of the ’90s. Rama has a deep understanding and love of music from all parts of the world, with special knowledge and understanding for the ’60s & 70s Soul, 70’s & 80’s Funk and Disco and New York’s underground Hip-Hop culture.

Established as DJ Rama, Rama has had a broad career thus far; present at more than fourteen editions of ‘Creamfields BA’ and ‘BUGGED OUT! BA’, as a resident at ‘Pacha Buenos Aires’ during 5 consecutive years, and Music Director and Radio Presenter for ‘Delta FM’ and ‘Metro FM’, metro being the number 1 radio in audience during that period.

Rama is also the founder of ‘Batonga’ and ‘Montag’ two of the most iconic parties of the Argentinean scene during 2000/2010.

Rama has also worked with the top tier iconic brands doing events, and festivals in the Americas. As a DJ he has performed with some of the best international bands and DJ’s such as LCD Soundsystem, Diplo, Derrick Carter, Heidi, Eats Everything, Moodyman just to name a few.

With 25 years of experience in music, events and management, Ramiro is a highly motivated professional who is a team player, flexible and can work in different areas of the music and entertainment industry. He is well-organised, has an incredibly artistic and talented ear, can develop and manage people at different levels and within different cultures, and carries all of this out with the highest level of professional integrity.

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