DJ Orin

Disco // Soul

Orin is a DJ, Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Founder of OMG Collective. Over the last eight years, he has performed across the UK and Europe, regularly invited to work on projects in dance, art and film. As a DJ, Orin enjoys capturing a mood and taking his audiences on a nostalgic journey through with the wonderful sounds of Funk, Soul, Disco, R&B and House, as well as your favourite party jams. Orin’s exceptional musical knowledge and flexibility of genres make him one of the best party DJs out there.

“.. one of my favourite DJs to rock a party. Every set is an ‘education’ – I’m often stealing his tunes for my own collection! A gentleman and all-round professional, I could not recommend ‘oriyo’ enough, he’s a pleasure to work with.” 

 – Ossie (MTA/Hyperdub) 

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