DJ Dan Grey

Multi Genre

Born and raised in London town, Dan has since developed his own diverse style, influenced by the art of turn tablism and incorporating all styles of music.

Dan has honed his skills over the past decade, showcasing his talents on radio and on the club scene, both in the UK and internationally. He has DJ’d for brands including Nike, Levi, NFL, Ministry Of Sound, Foot Locker, Nando’s and W Hotels, and has the experience to work with any type of crowd.

“Dan is able to not only follow the brief and read the crowd extremely well but also to throw his own twists and tracks what make his sets unique and tasteful. I also must add he’s a gentleman and loves what he does which makes the experience so much better for his listeners.”  

 – Manoel Collares – Guanabara/Tropicana Beach Club 

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