There are probably two ways to introduce this musician. We can say ‘Meet Alexandra.’ Or we can say ‘Meet Alexaguitarist.’

The latter is likely to ring more of a bell because that social tag or nom de plume is recognisable to over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube – where videos of Alexandra’s performances of well-known classical guitar repertoire have surpassed 15 million views collectively. Which is no small feat for an independent artist. This of course, in a world of pretenders, this could only be backed up by solid experience and education, and Alexandra has that in bounds.

An alumni of the Royal Academy of Music (via Manchester’s Chetham School of Music), Alexandra has won a scoop of awards and competitions – both at home and abroad – and is well versed with the festival circuit on the continent. One of her favourite places to perform is at the heralded Festival Le Temps des Guitares, in South-West France.

But it is her style and technique that should be truly lauded here. Passionate, contemplative and beguiling are just some of the moods that Alexandra can conjure over those strings. And we fully expect that audience of hers to grow and grow.

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