A DJ For Dracula And Another For Trainspotting

Film4 Summer Screen, Somerset House, 2016

An event with a distinct personality for a national institution that needed a high level of musical knowledge and taste to properly reflect the films it was screening.

This was a dream brief for us. 14 movies, 14 events, 14 DJ’s. Not only did each event have to have its own shape built around the movie but we had to be conscious of the overall tone of the festival itself. We asked to spend time with the Film4 Programmer David Cox to get as much insight into the events as possible.

We curated a selection of DJ’s to fit the pictures. Different movies required different approaches; we couldn’t use the same DJ for the fun, sing-a-long of ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ for the 20th anniversary screening of ‘Trainspotting’. For the latter we even found one of the techno musicians who performed on the original soundtrack. It was delicate but delightful putting it all together, briefing and managing all of the DJ’s separately so that when it came to it, every single person knew exactly what needed to be done.

It was a great two weeks of film… and music.

“The Euphonica DJs at this year’s Film4 Summer Screen were excellent. Each night, they effortlessly curated fantastic sets which complimented the headline artists perfectly!”

– Charlotte Nimmo, Head of Events, Somerset House